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Written by Sebastian on Aug 01, 2014 in Community

Join us at ViennaPHP

If you are a PHP developer who lives in Vienna, you might have heared of ViennaPHP. It’s a local usergroup organized by Stefan Hupe and myself to bring together the PHP community.

What we do

As you can see on Meetup, we are organizing a monthly gathering of software developers where we have talks (usually 2-3) by members of the community and well-known speakers from within the community and sometimes even from other countries (like David Mytton from ServerDensity or Freerich Bäthge from Sensiolabs Germany). We start with snacks, then have one or two full talks and a mini-talk with breaks to socialize. Afterwards we stay at the location a little longer to discuss the topics just presented or other interesting subjects. It’s not unusual that the last people leave well after 11 p.m.

Thanks to our sponsors, among whom are many local companies as well as Jetbrains, we can offer free drinks and pizza to everyone. So attendees of our local gatherings usually discuss various topics with a slice of pizza in the hand and argue about the talks afterwards while enjoying a beer (or other beverage). The Stockwerk Co-Working space is letting us use their third floor without pay and organize the drinks the pizza, which is awesome! One of the reasons ViennaPHP is this great is because of our sponsors.

Why you should join us

If you are in Vienna, you should definitly join us. Head over to meetup and become a member of our group. You’ll get information about upcoming events and can get in touch with all the other members. But being on meetup is only 10%. The more importing thing is showing up to a gathering! Learning about new topics, discussing with other people and having a good time is done in person, not virtually.

We are also doing many special meetups: We had meetups together with other usergroups to start exchange between all those different framework groups, the ViennaDB database group or the web performance UG. We did a Christmas special where everyone brought something and we enjoyed ourself instead of listening to talks! We are having an open air meetup next week! And there is much more to come. Our goal is to provide usefull information with talks and discussion but also try new things and have a good time doing unusual things.

Help wanted!

If you enjoy the meetup and wanna help, shoot me an email! We are currently two people organizing ViennaPHP and Stefan is pretty busy right now. I could use someone helping me with basic things like scheduling speakers and looking for new ones, organizing sponsors or doing the “PR” (emails, twitter).

See you on 05.08

Of course I hope to see you next Tuesday, 05.08, for our Open Air meetup. It’ll be awesome!