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Written by Sebastian on Jul 30, 2015 in Health

My first few days with Jake

As announced on twitter, last week I ordered a batch of Jake. It arrived on Wednesday and I had to try it out the same evening. I’d like to share some thoughts about it and reactions I received. It’s only been a few days, so this is not some extensive review of the product or anyting.


Jake is a “meal replacement product”, meaning it has all the ingredients your body needs in the right amount, making it suitable to replace entire meals. It can be compared to Soylent. It’s not a suplement, so it does not contain only some nutrients and minerals, but all your body needs (according to the European Food Safety Authority).

Ordering, Shipping and Preparing

Ordering through the webshop was straightforward. The order arrived 5 days later with a weekend in between, which is totally ok. There were no shipping costs, which is refreshing. Not wondering how much it’ll cost in the end makes it way easier to order (at least for me).

The package contained a shaker and 20 Jake Sport “meals”. Preparing is also pretty easy: 400 ml water, add the powder, shake well, drink. It’s basically a one-minute thing.

“Eating” Jake

Jake comes with Vanilla taste, which is ok for me. I’m not a big fan of Vanilla but I don’t really bother. Jakes tastes ok. It’s a little thick which I guess it has to be in order to fill the stomache to a certain degree. Other than that, there is really nothing to say.

After eating Jake, I certainly feel like I had a full meal. Not the “I’m to full to eat anything”, but the “that was a nice meal” full. I don’t feel hungry anymore and don’t have any side effects.

Yesterday, I replaced dinner with Jake. I was on the road and it came in handy. I noticed that a few hours after my “dinner”, I felt a bit hungry but not like I didn’t had anything to eat (low energy() but rather “I could eat something because my stomach is not full anymore”. It didn’t bother me though, because this happens to me from time to time and I’m used to it.


I was really surprised by the reactions towards me trying Jake. I had (and have) no intention of replacing my entire diet with Jake and bought it to try it and have something when not at home/no time to prepare a meal.

The strongest reactions where from my girlfriend and co-workers who were not able to understand why anybody would do this to begin with. They love food and replacing a meal with Jake seems absurd to them. I understand where they come from but as somebody who sees eating as something that needs to be done, I don’t share their point of view.

I also got some people interested, either because they had never heard about Jake (or Soylent) or because they had though about trying it themself and were curious as to what I had to say about it.

Next steps

I’ll use the badge I ordered and then re-evaluate. From the first days, I’ll definitly order more. My plans on only replacing certain meals infrequently still stands, now even more as I cannot see myself relying on Jake alone for a day. I’d definitly miss something.