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Written by Sebastian on Feb 3, 2021 in Dev

Phoenix UI testing with Cypress, Part 1

I still remember the days I tried to achieve UI testing with Selenium, PhantomJS and various other tools. It was a hassle. It didn’t run on CI because it needed some kind of window manager. It was unstable.

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Written by Sebastian on Aug 21, 2015 in Dev

PhantomJS 2 on Wheezy and TravisCI

After playing with Dart for a little while, I also looked into testing with Dart and learned that the test library can use PhantomJS to test the code that interacts with the DOM. Being a testing junkie, I wanted to give this a try but learned that I needed PhantomJS 2 to get it working. Beside running it in my VM, I also wanted to have it running on TravisCI. This blog post tells you how to set up both.

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