Coding 5 to 9

Sebastian Göttschkes

#vegan #straightedge #agile #development #blossom

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What I'm doing now

I'm still in Vienna, working on a ton of different things. I recently started working with the blossom team and doing freelancing work beside that. I spend most of my time on these things:

  • Doing all things code at blossom
  • Getting involved in Lemmings, Origami Cat and
  • Learning a lot about growth at a startup
  • (learning 'clojure)
  • Writing and talking about Vagrant and Ansible
  • Playing Pokemon Go (almost) daily - Level 36, going strong!
  • Going to hardcore punk shows and running tbalive, a small Hardcore Punk distro
  • Still vegan, still straightedge

Last updated in February 2017.